Our aims

Medisupport seeks to guarantee excellence in all specialty areas of medical laboratory diagnostics. We achieve this with our team of experts who provide the best possible medical care and optimal support of our referring doctors.

We cover the full spectrum of analyses in the following specialty areas:

 Allergology Andrology
Bio-chemistry  Clinical chemistry
 Cytogentics Cytology
Endocrinology  Environmental medicine
 Fertility Haematology
 Histo-pathology Human genetics
Immunology IVF
Microbiology  Mycology
Parasitology  Serology

In addition to clinical laboratory analyses, we offer testing and consultation in the area of hygiene management. These services are offered to hospitals, hotels as well as corporations in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.
We also offer treatments in assisted reproduction.

Our mission in 10 key points:

1 Building a network of Swiss regional laboratories
2 Sharing scientific developments
3 Offering a multi-disciplinary scientific team
4 Paying close attention to local sensitivities and cultures
5 Providing a logistics concept based on proximity to the client
6 Providing personalised products and local services
7 Facilitating direct contact with our experts
8 Providing a full range of diagnostic analyses
9 Promoting professional development of our staff and training of the next generation
10 Aligning with Sonic Healthcare, the innovative visionary among medical diagnostic laboratories