About us

Cultural diversity, a federated structure and democratic decision processes have for a long time characterized Switzerland. A federation which has been unified by common values and a model which serves as orientation also for Medisupport.

Our medical laboratories have been active in the Swiss market for several decades. In line with a federated structure, their autonomy and local grounding have been supported all along. This way of working allows us to adapt our medical service provision to local needs in an optimal way and to keep in close touch with local authorities, universities and medical societies.

Within our network of laboratories, we realize synergies. Our IT structure as well as testing platforms have been unified and with 40 specialist doctors, biologists and pharmacists who support and complement each other in the analysis of complex cases, we are offering an unmatched range of services at national level.

Our rich experience in medical diagnostics has made us a central point of contact in the Swiss health sector. Medisupport stands for the strength of a group with a sense for the local context.